310 Automower PNC 967672903

Product Code: 6274
Manufacturer: Husqvarna
Model: 310 Automower PNC 967672903
Body Type: Automower/Robotics
Power: Electric
Condition: New
RRP: £1,399.00 inc. VAT
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  • Product Description
With its compact 4-wheeled design, Husqvarna Automower® 310 Mark II robotic lawn mower effortlessly takes care of lawns up to 1000 m2. It can manage slopes with a 40% incline and even guide itself through narrow passages. When the job’s done, the triple-search function finds the fastest way back to the charging station. Easy to use and clean, it can be controlled via your smartphone and features a frost guard and weather timer, which adjusts cutting times to suit the season.