Whether you are looking for a lawnmower or a brand-new chainsaw for sale within the Cambridge area, our garden machinery is the answer. With decades of experience, our team guarantee to find the best products for all your needs.

At Mark Weatherhead Ltd, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best machinery sales from leading brands across the UK. Because of this, we guarantee to enhance your property with our wide selection of tools and equipment.


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If you are local to Cambridge, our garden machinery will be sure to satisfy the needs of your property. Alternatively, if you live further afield, we also offer high-quality delivery service for customers both locally and across the UK. Please feel free to contact our team on 01954 210355 today.

Lawn Mower Repairs 

If you have any issues with your existing garden machinery, our team also offer a selection of lawn mower repairs. To find out more or to book a service with us, simply fill out our form online.

With over 75 years of agricultural experience, we understand the importance of having a well-maintained lawn. That is why we strive to provide some of the best products that are ensured to suit all our customers needs.